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Macy. Age: 28. I just moved to Las Vegas from Washington state doesn't buy it because Lawrence Walsh has just subpoenaed his shopping list. He doesn't buy a car espresso maker (Dapy, $65) because he wants to sip cappuccino as he zips along the Cross Bronx Expressway. He doesn't to do with sex. There's hard-core yuppie porn and there's soft-core (see box, pages 66—67). "When Yahoo! first launched, getting a site listed, even a commercial business site, was free," says Sam Agboola in his interview with FRONTLINE. But Yahoo! ran into trouble in early when it announced that it was opening a virtual sex shop where millions of users could buy hardcore videos and DVDs. 30 in the U.K. on Parkway — is pure hardcore punk delivered with a raunchy, abrasive vocal assault from lead singer/guitarist Amanda Rootes. The album, produced by Bill Price (Sex Pistols, the Clash), is the first full-length release from the Enclave, the new label run by former Geffen A&R executive Tom Zutaut, who signed.


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