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Oct 30, - The most popular song in music history is “Gangnam Style.” It has more than billion views on YouTube. Quality has become irrelevant. Only an artist's image or sociopolitical persuasion holds water. For example, Rihanna has had 13 No. 1 hit singles on the Billboard Top and Led Zeppelin never had. 11 Reasons Music Sucks Now More Than Ever - Mandatory Hope. Age: 19. 2 HOUR 900 TL+TAXI Retro-Awesomeness An 80s Blog. I get a Headache every time hear pop music for over 10 minutes. The Simple notes And by the way, I think it's ridiculous how people constantly say that pop music isn't REALLY music and that it's all horrible. No because they suck and they don't care for the real problems and nobody wanna hear about real problems. Deliliah. Age: 24. 1-2HOURS BEFORE 11 Reasons Music Sucks Now More Than Ever Dec 31, - Modern pop music sucks because of the digital innovation, which came into place in the mid's. Before digital, there was the understanding that the music business was run by musicians, and those musicians were expected to concertize, and to be able to playback their hits live, using real instruments. The advent of  Why does the music nowadays suck? Apr 2, - I'm not even going to get into why they suck so much, but if you can stand the auditory torture, look up the video to a song of theirs called "Car Radio" and you'll hear--and see why.) Let's face it: a lot of music being heard on the radio waves today does suck, particularly pop music. I know because I was.

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Jacky. Age: 21. When with me you will find that i am that little rear gem. A sexy sweet young woman who very much enjoys the sensual, passionate encounters with fine gentlemen as their enlisted girl friend. My photo's are 100% real and recent but you will find that i look much better in person. we're in a rap and pop era though it seems dubstep id dying down but yea,alot of mainstream music dr-jaques-rheumatologie.info't tell you how many times ive heard rockstar on the radio. but in the end it's meh and alot of people do enjoy their music,even if they are marketing alot and just milking the fame. Avatar image for CRS Nov 3, - Reprinted by popular demand, our most controversial article ever. Above, Sam Cooke, the greatest soul-singer of all time. In a recent issue of Maclean's Magazine, one-hit wonder Dan Hill (“Sometimes When We Touch”) made a heartfelt claim that today's pop music is better than ever. “Forget the Beatles. Sep 19, - Back in February, Nick Gillespie, the editor of Reason magazine, took my generation to task for its bad taste in music. Actually, it's not just that our music stinks, it's something even worse. Our music, he declared, is totally lame: If you want to get a handle on just how truly depraved and irredeemable today's.


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