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Apr 20, - John Oliver is hilarious, but his Sunday night bit on pollution and polar bears' penis bones is based on shaky science. We are literally breaking polar bear penises now | Grist Mellanie. Age: 26. In today's modern overworked world, it can sometimes feel nearly impossible to find time for yourself The polar bears' problem is that they live in the Arctic, where the concentration chemicals is higher than many other places on the planet. Poor erectile function portrays not only physical states such as age, diabetes , and neurological disorders , but also mental states such as stress and depression. Jan 27, - Like the mammals they're attached to, polar bears' penis bones—also called bacula—appear to be facing considerable danger. As New Scientist reports, a team of researchers has found that polar bears with high levels of PCBs have less dense bacula, making the bones easier to fracture. Natasha. Age: 20. Olso can go before for it or drink Coffee im a frendly person happy Pollutants Are Making Polar Bears’ Penis Bones More Likely to Break The baculum is a bone found in the penis of many placental mammals. It is absent in the human penis, but present in the penises of other primates, such as the gorilla and chimpanzee. The bone is located above the male urethra, and it aids sexual reproduction by maintaining sufficient stiffness during sexual penetration.‎Function · ‎Presence in mammals · ‎Absence in humans · ‎Cultural significance. Jan 28, - This is a short discussion about research on polar bear penis bones, regarding a new paper that sent several of the Internet's most juvenile science headline writers off the deep end.1 Short quiz first. Above are the penis bones (each called a baculum, plural bacula) of three marine mammals – one is from a.

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Alia. Age: 24. I love to control and hypnotize your mind Jan 27, - It seems we shall spare the polar bear no indignity: PCB pollution is weakening the species' penis bone. Feb 12, - Now research is also showing that some of these chemicals can affect the bears' sex lives. Scientists from Aarhus University, Hvidovre Hospital, and University of Copenhagen have found a correlation between the amount of PCB in the polar bears' environment and the strength of their penis bone. This can. Jan 30, - A new study finds a link between chemicals and bone loss that could damage males' penises, potentially harming reproduction.


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