Sirius spank harry black cat

Mar 5, - Writer:Black Cat Fandom: Harry Potter Paring: M/m Hand, M/M hairbrush, M/m paddle. Rating: R (because of spankings) Warnings: This is a story starting . knees. "Harry I will warn you now. I do not want to see you trying to protect your bottom. If you do I will spank your inner thighs," Sirius warns sternly. A Different Kind of Flying Lesson, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction Marissa. Age: 29. 4500/ 24 hours He knew he needed to be close to Ron though for just the right moment. Harry is a super-powered cat. Apr 27, - Discipline fic - contains spanking. Crookshanks was on the ground below him and with the cat was a huge black dog. . Harry's eyes widened and his mouth fell open. Had he heard Lupin correctly? A spanking? Suddenly Remus' words from before echoed in his mind "I will make Professor Snape's. Lucinda. Age: 26. classic TANTRA techniques Explore Harry Potter Memes and more! Black Cat. Writer: Black Cat Genre: Harry Potter Pairings: M/m paddle, M/m paddle, M/m belt. Warnings: See Part 1 Title: Harry Potter: A New Family Chapter 18 Monday Afternoon When . Sirius sighs and pulls it out of the way, continuing to spank Harry until he has a small sprinkling of blisters, especially on Harry's sit spot. When Harry followed Sirius, he expected to find Sirius on the other side. Instead, he finds himself closer to his animagus form than ever before, lost in a strange world with strange people. This world has no wizards, only those gifted with a single supernatural ability. In this world Harry stands out, and not just because of his.

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Kandi. Age: 27. Best you can reach me in the evening/night! Feb 12, - He watched as James Potter, Remus Lupin, Lily Evans, Charlus Potter, Dorea Potter, Regulus Black and Arcturus Black all appeared in the room. . “Harry James Sirius Potter-Black,” Charlus responded as he kept looking at the name. “Okay. Did you hear about the blonde who gave her cat a bath? Black Cat. A New Family - One Writer:Black Cat Fandom: Harry Potter Paring: M/m Belt Rating: R (because of spankings) Warnings: This is before book 5 is released. Fred smiles at Harry. "So you're going to go stay with Sirius Black this summer. Along with Ron?" Both Harry and Ron nod. "Yes, he's bought a house in. If it hadn't been an accident, and Millicent happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, then I would spank James. But they did Sirius' parents, however, were much stricter, and Minerva figured the eldest Black child would soon be regretting his prank tenfold. Minerva .. "Something my cat dragged in, Potter.".


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