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Mar 31, - No your eyes are not deceiving you — all five members of this Chinese boyband are actually girls. Acrush is SEE ALSO: K-pop girl group celebrates their plastic surgery with before-and-after music videos Even the "A" in the group's name is manly — it stands for Adonis, the Greek god of male beauty. This hot new boyband from China is made up entirely of girls Brandi. Age: 23. Let me introduce myself my name is Nikki, here are some details about me I am 37 years old originally from Salt Lake City In China, women dressing up like men has become a more common sight and more accepted by society in recent years. An writes her own rap lyics. May 12, - "We're just tapping into the unique beauty of gender neutral," said Wang Tianhai, head of the band's entertainment company. "We recognize this group of people who represent a special sense of beauty and a unique sense of handsomeness, and we reckon that this style may become a trendy element.". Charlee. Age: 25. !! Hot And Sexy!!! China's hottest new boy band is really a girl group Mar 30, - At first glance, Chinese pop group FFC-Acrush looks very much like your typical Asian boy band. They've got that good ol' boy-next-door charm and style that are commonly found in almost every boy group these days. However, upon further inspection of the latest Chinese “boy group” to emerge from the. China's first androgynous band challenges gender stereotypes and gains fame on social media. All women in.

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Elvira. Age: 29. Ashley is a beautiful and charming companion Mar 31, - China's newest pop sensation, FFC-Acrush, has an interesting twist on the concept of boy bands -- all of its members are girls. While they may look like your typical Asian male pop idols, Lu Keran, An Jun Xi, Peng Xi Chen, Min Jun Qian and Lin Fan are in fact women, mostly in their early twenties. May 26, - Not only did they come from a smaller company compared to South Korean entertainment giants SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment, but they also debuted in , when K-pop superstars like Girls' Generation and EXO reigned supreme. “Our next goal is the world stadium tour. But beside that, our. Dec 14, - I disagree with the poster who says this is a ridiculous question. It is quite true that large groups from some ethnicities can have specific likings and specific antipathies when it comes to the opposite sex. For example, many if not most women in the United States might have put Asian men at the bottom of their list 70 years  What kind of girls do Asian guys like?


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