Can stick finger in vagina

Your vaginal opening is PARALLEL (sideways) to the ground. So to slide your finger in comfortably, insert it at an like in this diagram here. Just pretend the applicator is your finger. Your finger will slide inside your vaginal opening and into the vaginal canal. This is exactly how a tampon applicator slides inside. Your finger. 6 Things You Should Never Put Inside a Vagina | Alternet Tessa. Age: 21. Natalia Submit a new link. Sep 22, - Your doctor-approved field guide to what you can put in your vagina and what you should avoid. Fingers. Fingers (attached to hands, of course!) also feel pretty good. As long as the person's nails are trimmed short with sharp corners filed away and kept clean, digits are a good time. You can improve your. Cece. Age: 29. Ever dreamed of being dominated by a beautiful woman? I enjoy men, i enjoy having them at my feet How to Find Your Vaginal Opening Explain what you are about to do. Put a clean glove on the hand you will put inside the vagina. a woman's outside genitals. clitoris. opening of the vagina. anus Put the first finger of your gloved hand in the women's vagina. As you put your finger in, push gently downward on the muscle surrounding the vagina. Sep 11, - With so many things you CAN physically put in a vagina, how can you know what you should and should not put inside of it? When you're engaging in sexual acts with Pretty much anything that isn't a vaginal-only vibrator/dildo/sex toy, tampon, clean finger/mouth/dick. To sum it up, you basically shouldn't.

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Aaliyah. Age: 18. If you are looking for fun in Warsaw, I am for YOU :):) Sexiness is my motto! I bought some silicone lube, stretched my body, massaged a little, and attempted to insert my middle finger. multiple finger shaped things, so if you can't get two fingers in, just skip to dilators. Your vagina will be much more accommodating to dilators. Congratulations on getting a finger up! You can do it! Apr 4, - And if I do still have my hymen, are there any exersizes or ANYTHING I can do to break it other than sex? Cause I'm so afraid to have sex because If I can't even stick my finger up, how the hell will a guy be able to stick himself in me? And If I DO have sex, will the guy even be able to stick himself! Aug 11, - I remember the very first time and I couldn't believe how warm, soft and wet it was! It was one of the softest things I'd ever experienced. I was only 15 and that stayed with me forever. It was an incredibly exciting time you felt like you were growing up and coupled with puberty you were turned on easily and I wanted to  Have you ever inserted three or more fingers in a vagina?


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