Ways to masturbate without foreskin

Jul 27, - Obviously, I'm uncircumcised, and I'm just wondering how they do it because I'm pretty sure that the foreskin plays a role in masturbation for uncircumcised guys, so how do circumcised people masturbate without the foreskin? Circumcised men lose a lot of feeling in the head from. How do circumcised people masturbate? - The Student Room Franceska. Age: 28. liz Civil disagreements can happen, but insults should not. Jews and Christians and Muslims are circumcised. Jan 28, - Besides the fact that I started masturbating at 5 or so, prone (on my belly) as I described in another entry, in detail, doing it with one's hand the usual way often causes the remaining skin to be pulled up to the glans (penis head) and stimulate it. So, it can act like a foreskin. Also, in using lubrication, the glans  How do circumcised men masturbate without lube? Aubrey. Age: 23. Only for everything else like: dinners, parties, hugs, nightclubs, ceremonies, trips, chats (talks), walks etc Just wondered how do circumcised guys masturbate? Nov 15, - I have recently been circumcised at the age of 19, ive always found that the foreskin has played a central role in the stimulation, but i hear that cut guys do it differently or get their stimulation elsewhere, ive heard silly things like some people use socks and the like as an artificial 4skin, (aint nobody got time for that). without  masturbating dry. Jul 7, - Circumcision is not related to urination in any way, other than the loss of its foreskin's underside 'lip' which directs the flow in a steady stream like the spout of a teapot. I was very sadly circumcised as an adult. The increasing loss of sensitivity and its consequence when trying to masturbate without a foreskin.

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Renae. Age: 22. my web side amberdelux Feb 20, - Masturbating without foreskin, you should focus on rubbing the head more. I personally, have very sensitive head and when I have sex it literally hurts a bit at first and then it gets good. My orgasms are way stronger then when masturbating. I should mention that when I masturbate I barely touch the head. Rubbing or stroking the penis without any lubricant also had some popularity, but the most popular alternative to lubricant was to masturbate by moving the skin up and down on the shaft. This was slightly favoured by men who were unhappy about being circumcised - presumably they wanted to handle their penis the way. I have skin around the tip of no penis, how I manage to play with myself is by gripping hard, and rubbing my foreskin over the nerve endings in my bellend, I don't see how this could happen without this aforementioned foreskin, as it would create an immense amount of friction without it. Imagine trying to rub.


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