Shaved vaginas versus hairy

Jul 3, - mho 12%. Shaved! so smooth and sensual! 1. 0|1. 0|1. I_am_repulsive. mho 15%. Whatever is fine with me, but shaved or trimmed would be ideal. 0. 0|0. 0|1. sexyphil. mho 7%. shaved definitely but not fussed if it's not. 1. 0|1. 0|1. PiuBelloAmante. mho 13%. dont really care if its trimmed or shaved or slightly hairy i dont do guys think of a hairy downstairs? Bush or Bald: Men Share Their Preference for Hair Down There Kira. Age: 29. Hello gentelmen, I'm Jessica young lady, elegance sensual model and perfect travel companion Visual, Draws Sweat and Bacteria Away.. I have never been with a guy too hairy for me and I only tend to date hairier races—i. Jul 4, - One of the main reasons people like shaved pubic areas is the fact that hair gets in their mouth when performing acts of oral sexual gratification on their partner. A really hairy bush sometimes has to be swept away to even access the clitoris (the real main objective in oral sex) or even just to get to the woman's labia. In such  Is it normal to have a hairy vagina? Should I shave for. Abbey. Age: 23. accustomed to the best in life. Do guys like the vagina shaved or hairy? Jul 14, - I know girls and guys who rove up and down the beaches getting wicked pleasure seeing wisps of pubic hair, or the unmistakable upcurve of a big, hairy bush, visible despite the bikini. Now of course, if a girl is shaved, we see the classic split "cameltoe," which is equally as thrilling. Getting your vulva to be. Apr 4, - Yes, vaginas have an odor. Some smell stronger than others, especially if a woman's pH balance has been messed with by douches and the like. A hairy vagina also sweats more than a bald vagina, which is why Mark, 42, thinks a woman should go bald eagle. “It's just cleaner,” he said, “especially when.

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Amabella. Age: 28. Visiting Sydney? Looking for a sexy morning between the sheets, an afternoon carnal adventure, or hedonistic evening in? Nov 26, - me nd kookie sharein some info wit yall. Generally men do prefer clean shaven. From a hygiene point of view it really doesn't matter as long as you clean regularly. For practicality it is better to trim the areas around the vaginal opening to ensure no stress during the early stages of coitus. My boyfriend is part of the minority that prefers pubic hair. As long as it is. Answers to the question, Do Guys Prefer When A Girl A Is Hairy Down There Or Completely Shaved? Look at most **** stars, shaven, most good girls, hairy. therefore the more bacteria you grow, but also hair protects the vagina from bacteria, I think short term hair does protect the vagina from bacteria, but long term.


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