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Oct 19, - A PHOTOGRAPHER has captured the moments before, during and after a woman orgasms with an incredibly intimate photo series. Sex face: Real women show off their orgasm faces for photography project | Daily Star Dominica. Age: 29. Please email, call or text me Actress Emma Watson bares her freckles in a stunning black and white wilderness photo shoot for Vogue Australia 'When the neighbors are watching': Photographer captures women's orgasm faces as they climax for intimate picture series. The images, taken by. Kristal. Age: 25. I am told i'm very sexy, hot & passionate and can deliver the goods when it counts but i'll let you be the judge of that! Real women show off their orgasm face in liberating photos for 'The O Project' Sep 11, - Images taken by photographer Albert Pocej, More than 10 females reach 'the highest point of physical pleasure'.. thank you for watching. Oct 20, - Real women show off their orgasm face in liberating photos for 'The O Project'. A PHOTOGRAPHER snapped 20 women As part of The O Project, Marcos snapped the willing participants before, during, and after they made themselves orgasm using a personal massagers. Each woman is featured in four.

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Donna. Age: 30. Allow me to entertain your curiousity Jan 11, - When you orgasm, your eyes squint, your jaw drops, and your cheeks contort. Ever wonder why? Learn the fascinating science of your weird orgasm face. Nov 19, - There was nothing too overtly sexual. I mean, you couldn't see anything other than their face. Although it's called Cumfaces and it is sexual, there was no nudity involved. I also think they looked at my work. I wasn't sort of doing it in an exploitative manner, and I think that's why they were so down to do it. May 18, - Black-and-white portraits of Munich youth—slack-jawed, eyes closed, and grinning in the moment of orgasm—are a bold debut for year-old photographer Alina Oswald. She started the erotic series by photographing a friend's orgasm, and then her own. She was soon telling all her friends, friends of.


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